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Kadian Smith

It's the best experience ever!!!! It's 100% save. Guarantee you will learn and start making extra income.

Ricardo Kelly

Definitely the place to learn if you want financial freedom for the rest of your life. All courses is very detailed with all the necessary tools and information for you to trade like a pro!

Stephanie Clarke

I was introduced to Billionaires Academy through a close friend and encourage to read the Blueprint book, once l started l couldn't stop....every word spoke to me as if l was writing my own story. Eventually l made payment for the main course and took my time to educate myself asking questions when necessary, this has been a life changing experience for me. I encourage everyone who needs that "financial freedom" not to hesitate. Billionaires Academy is the best thing that ever happened to me...thank you Pajama continue doing you and helping others.

Abrianna Douglas

Billionaires academy is the best. The customer service is top tier and since following pajama billionaire and reading his book it has changed my mindset tremendously. He is doing a great work and saving a lot of people from poverty in Jamaica especially, I bought my main course and an excited to level up too!

Selina Brown

Billionaires academy is the best and only educational institution in Jamaica that everyone has access to it educates one on step and processes on how to obtain money legally it has the best customer service ever ( shout out to Olivia). If your serious on how to make money Billionaires Academy I’ll highly recommend.

Peter-John Keyes

The best academy to learn about trading step by step with real life assistance.

Deja's World

Best decision I’ve ever made, he makes it look so simple and easy to learn.

Najae Fender

The Billionaires Academy promotes financial freedom and wealth. The Academy is very successful at doing so and does all this while not being too complicated. I would recommend this to anyone.

Rajia Brady

Billionaires academy is the way to go!!!!! You surely will not be stuck in the rat race with this academy I guarantee you that. This academy changes your life completely.


The academy has shown interest in promoting the growth of not only themselves but also in others. A life-changing academy especially for resolute persons. Professionalism being present is most admirable, and alongside that, information given is dependable and easily understood. Billionaires Academy is commendable.

Elaine Shirley

It has been an amazing journey, it has been one of my best investment to date. The Billionaire Academy team is very reliable and competent, TOP TIER service.


Very inspiring and motivational, a complete life changer, definitely the cure people need to heal their financial and mental illnesses. #SuperBlessed #SuperRich